Our courses are comprehensive, standards-based, methodology intensive training programs which teach information security professionals the fundamentals of wireless networks, networking principles and how to conduct real life penetration tests with the latest security tools.

Each course is a hands-on training program. The Penetration Testing training courses use real-time scenarios to train attendees in penetration testing methodologies. The courses will help you master a documented penetration testing methodology that is repeatable and that can be used in a penetration testing engagement, globally.

The Networking Courses take attendees from the basics of networking through the protocols and technologies used in modern day networks. It provides a solid foundation for those wishing to up skill in networking and security.

The Wireless hacking concentrates on compromising (and protecting) wireless networks. This is a low hanging fruit for modern hackers and a significant amount of hacking can be done on modern 802.11 WiFi networks. We use hands-on labs to show how a machine can be compromised and how wireless network security can be broken with off-the-shelf hacking software tools.

We generally run our courses in local hotels or training centres but we can also visit your company and conduct the training there. We are flexible. We also can do weekend & evening sessions.

Email us at info@wirelessnetworksecuritycourses.com with your preferred date(s) for training.